Out of Hours Works

What is the purpose of the night works?

As part of the construction process for these developments, Mirvac is upgrading the local trunk stormwater and water infrastructure along Skyring Terrace. Part of Quay & Isle’s development approval, council require Mirvac to undertake these works. Mirvac is upsizing the existing council infrastructure to accommodate the evolving landscape of Newstead. These upgrades are necessary to improve the way water is captured and discharged from the immediate area.

Why do they have to occur at night and not during the day?

As the infrastructure that requires upgrading is buried below Skyring Terrace this requires a portion of Skyring Terrace to be excavated to allow access to the existing pipelines. Brisbane City Council will not allow the closure of Skyring Terrace during the day due to its demand from commuters, bus routes and pedestrians. Mirvac has no objection in undertaking these upgrades during the day should council permit the road closure.

Why do they have to occur all night, and can they finish earlier?

Our site teams have applied for permits that allow road closure and works to occur from 6pm to 6am, Sunday night to Thursday night. These permits are specific in that they only allow works necessary to be undertaken at night. This means that no traditional construction is allowed to occur during these permitted hours and must only be specific to the upgrade of the stormwater infrastructure. To ensure we meet workplace health and safety standards and work efficiently to minimize the overall duration of the upgrade works, the on-site teams require enough time to conduct the following activities:

- Conduct a pre-start meeting prior to starting
- Setup & safely close the road
- Saw cut and excavate road
- Undertake sectional upgrades of stormwater lines
- Form and pour concrete supports
- Finalise nightly sectional upgrade works
- Backfill pit
- Resurface Road
- Install temporary road pits
- Pack down
- Safely reopen the road

Do you have approval for these works?

Yes, Mirvac has been working with the relevant authorities on the design and location of these works and is installing the infrastructure with all necessary approvals in place.

This includes an out of hours construction permit and Traffic Management Plan, both approved by Brisbane City Council.

What measures are in place to reduce disruptions such as noise and lights?

Mirvac is working with authority approved contractors, who frequently perform night works such as these, and are aware of the surrounding residential community.

We understand the nature of construction is generally noisy and disruptive and will be working to minimise these impacts as much as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during construction of this vital infrastructure.

How is traffic being managed during these works?

Mirvac has a Traffic Management Plan (TMP), approved by Brisbane City Council, in place for these works. There will be multiple traffic controllers on site each evening to ensure road and pedestrian safety throughout construction.

There has been a lot of night works in the area recently, will this be ongoing?

Night works are anticipated to be required from time to time, although, this will not be a frequent occurrence. We understand night works have an impact on surrounding residents and work with our contractors to minimise these disruptions as much as possible. Unfortunately, particular works are required to be carried out in the evenings when there are fewer people in the precinct, for the safety of the community and our workers.

How is dust being managed on site?

Under our Brisbane City Council approved Construction Management Plan, a number of measures are in place to limit dirt/dust from site, including:

- Exposed areas are sprayed with water on a regular basis, including stripped lots, stockpiles and unpaved internal roadways.
- Exhaust emission effects are minimised by ensuring site vehicles and machinery are fitted with appropriate emission control equipment that is maintained and serviced to manufacturer’s specifications.
- All bare earth areas are stabilised and wetted where necessary.

What are you doing to manage traffic impacts from the new developments?

TTM Traffic Engineering Report notes that the development will not have a significant impact on the future road network in the 2021 development scenarios.

What are you doing to manage traffic impacts during construction?

Mirvac will implement a traffic management plan for the duration of construction. This Traffic Management Plan needs to be approved by Brisbane City Council and needs to address the following:

- Location and extent of the proposed works - Truck / Delivery routes and access
- Traffic flows and movements
- Road safety issues
- Speed zones
- Pedestrian access and crossings
- Necessary special traffic control devices

Will construction of two projects simultaneously negatively impact surrounding residents (ie, traffic, noise, dust, tradies)?

Newstead has been the centre of significant urban regeneration over the past decade and LIV Anura and Quay Waterfront Newstead are the latest chapters in that story.

As Mirvac is the developer of both projects, it can deliver cohesive Traffic Management, Construction Management and Noise Management plans, which are sensitive to the impacts these developments may have on neighbouring residents.

Considerations Mirvac has implemented include:

- Mirvac owns an additional site in the precinct, which will be used for Mirvac site offices and staff carparking, helping to alleviate parking impacts in surrounding streets.
- General hours of operation will be 6:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Saturday. From time to time the team may work on Sundays. For example, construction of the tower crane may require operation on the weekend. Mirvac will inform the community in these instances.
- Limiting general construction noise to approved working hours. Where exceptions to this are required, Mirvac will communicate with stakeholders and update its community website prior to commencement of works.
- Noise assessment and monitoring and careful selection and procurement of plant and equipment to ensure it does not adversely impact noise levels.
- To ensure air quality in and around the construction site, Mirvac will implement dust suppression techniques/equipment that considers weather and wind conditions and exposure/proximity to the public and surrounding buildings.
- Perimeter fencing will be solid or lined with shade cloth to minimise the impact of dust.
- Equipment powered by internal combustion engines will be properly maintained and regularly serviced to prevent the discharge of excessive pollutants and will meet acceptable noise levels.
- Mirvac has a dedicated community information website - community.waterfront.mirvac.com – along with an email address and hotline for those wanting to stay up-to-date on construction.


What is Waterfront Newstead?

Waterfront Newstead is a $1 billion community being developed on a 10 hectare waterfront site in Newstead, just two kilometres from the Brisbane CBD.

Today the Waterfront community features five residential precincts, Pier, Park and Unison and Quay and Isle (under construction), a build-to-rent precinct LIV Anura (under construction) along with extensive public parkland, a perched lake, waterfront community wharves and bike and walkway connectivity.

How has Waterfront Newstead evolved?

Waterfront Newstead is part of Newstead Riverpark, comprising the Gasometer public space, Gasworks retail precinct and Bank of Queensland and Energex head offices.

The Waterfront Newstead community has been progressively developed since 2001, with developer Mirvac delivering $65 million in parklands, roads, cycleways and retail to date.

The current plan was updated in 2011, in line with the introduction of Brisbane City Council’s Newstead and Teneriffe Neighbourhood Plan and its planning controls.

What is the Newstead and Teneriffe Waterfront Neighbourhood Plan?

The Newstead and Teneriffe Waterfront Neighbourhood Plan, introduced in 2011, is a Local Plan under Brisbane City Council's Brisbane City Plan. It provides a guideline for the type and scale of development allowable within Newstead.

Who is developing Waterfront Newstead?

Mirvac has owned and developed Waterfront Newstead since 2001. Mirvac is a leading Australian property group, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). With 50 years of experience, Mirvac has an unmatched reputation for delivering quality and its Development Division in Queensland is responsible for some of Australia's leading residential projects including Cutter’s Landing, Mariners Reach, Gainsborough Greens and Waterfront Newstead.

What has been developed at Waterfront Newstead to date?

Mirvac started planning Waterfront Newstead in 2001 and, to date, has completed three apartment precincts - Pier, Park and Unison, along with significant infrastructure and public parkland. The most recent residential stages, Quay and Isle, and build-to-rent project LIV Anura, are currently under contraction

Pier - the most luxurious stage - features a prime absolute riverfront position, and welcomed its first residents in 2011. It features 99 apartments across two 8 and 5 level buildings - Pier North and Pier South. Pier offers unrivalled lifestyle amenities including two heated lap pools, two fully equipped gymnasiums, a residents' function room with boardroom and fully-equipped kitchen, and a concierge service.

Stage two, Park, was completed in 2012. It features one, two and three bedroom apartments across the 9 level Park South and 16 level Park North buildings, with extensive parkland at the doorstep.

The third stage, Unison, welcomed its first residents in 2016. Across two 20 level buildings, Unison features one, two and three bedroom apartments, plus terrace homes, courtyard apartments and beautifully-designed pavilions. Resident facilities include an exclusive 4,000m2 elevated garden incorporating a lap pool, plunge pool, outdoor kitchen plus gym and health and wellbeing zones.

The fourth stage, Quay is currently under construction with completion due in mid 2024. The project features 143 apartments across 25 levels.


The fifth and most recent stage, Isle is currently under construction with completion due in late 2025. On completion the project will offer residents access to resort style amenity including an infinity-edge swimming pool, sauna, magnesium spas and a yoga lawn let amongst lush greenery. 

LIV Anura
At 60 Skyring Terrace, Newstead Mirvac is delivering a new Build to Rent project to be known as LIV Anura. There was a pre-existing Development Approval on the site, and in June 2021 Mirvac received approval of their Minor Change Amendment for the Build to Rent proposal.

What infrastructure and amenity has Mirvac delivered at Waterfront Newstead?

Mirvac has been responsible for delivering the majority of infrastructure and amenity in the Newstead Riverpark precinct. It has developed more than $65 million of infrastructure projects, including extensive remediation works, expansive parkland, roads, services and the major refurbishment of Newstead Wharf.

More than 50 per cent of the Waterfront Newstead site - a total of 5.7 hectares - will be parkland that is handed over to Brisbane City Council for the benefit of the broader community. This focus on public open space means Waterfront Newstead is being delivered at far less density than is allowed for under the Newstead and Teneriffe Waterfront Neighbourhood Plan.

Mirvac has already delivered more than 3.38 hectares of public open space at Waterfront Newstead including:

- Wharf Park: approximately 6,300m2
- Waterfront Park: 18,290m2
- Lake: 9,286m2

In addition, it will open 1.8 hectares of privately-owned space to the public, of which 4,900m2 is already available:

- Pier Plaza: 2,600m2
- Park: approximately 2,359m2

Road and infrastructure projects have also been completed by Mirvac, including:

- Newstead Riverpark
- Skyring Terrace, connecting Macquarie Street to Ann Street intersection
- Festival Place
- Cunningham Street
- Extension of Waterloo Street
- Widening of surrounding footpaths
- Restoration of the historic wharf area.

Will other sites be developed at Waterfront Newstead?

Yes. In addition to the “Sky Stage 3” site, Mirvac owns other development sites within Waterfront Newstead. The sites will be progressively developed in coming years, in-line with market demand.

Waterfront Newstead is a community that has evolved over two decades and Mirvac is committed to continuing to develop high quality apartments that deliver a fantastic lifestyle for residents.

Who do I contact for further information?

If you have any questions on Waterfront Newstead, you can contact our community engagement team on community.information@mirvac.com or 07 3859 5900.

What are the hours of operation for the Waterfront Newstead sites?

Construction Management Plans for LIV Anura, Isle and Quay were approved by Brisbane City Council prior to construction commencement. The general hours of operation are 6.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. From time to time the team may work on Saturday or Sundays. For example, construction of the tower crane may require operation on the weekend. In the instance where works need to be carried outside of the standard hours of operation stakeholders will be notified prior to the commencement of works. The community website will be kept updated with this information.

What is Build to Rent and LIV?

Build to Rent provides an alternative choice to home ownership and traditional renting. LIV Mirvac is Australia's first large scale developer of Build to Rent in Australia.

Bringing the best of both renting and ownership into one to deliver a new standard, it is designed and built only for renters to live in. At LIV, it centres on simplicity, connection and flexibility. Simplicity in making life easier and more secure with no bonds and secure leased; connection driven by the onsite team and shared common amenities available; and flexibility through encouraging pets, painting of the walls and upgrading or downgrading apartments as needed. 

Build-to-Rent is already well-established in the United States, Europe, Japan and the United Kingdom and LIV Mirvac is already creating Build to Rent communities in New South Wales and Victoria. We are excited to introduce LIV Anura, our first location in Queensland, offering a new way of living in Newstead from 2024. 

Will LIV Anura include ‘social’ housing?

LIV Anura does not include social housing.

As part of the Queensland government's Build-to-Rent Pilot Project to support key service workers to live closer to employment opportunities, we will offer a number of apartments for key workers within a 10km radius at a discounted rate. These apartments will be offered to eligible residents and will be located throughout the building.

Key worker affordable housing applicants will be assessed in-line with the Sate's eligibility criteria including location of workplace, employment, asset ownership and income. Details on this project including full criteria and how to apply, will be shared in 2024.

How will the community benefit from LIV Anura?

LIV Anura will link the Waterfront to Gasworks and provide ease of access to Newstead and beyond. With over 1000sqm of public retail space on the ground floor, it will be a destination where you can catch up with friends and socialise, or utilise the services expected to make life easier for LIV Anura residents, neighbours and visitors. A mix of open open and covered areas with dedicated landscaping, it will be a welcoming haven for the Newstead Community. 

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